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The fastest way for spiritually-led female entrepreneurs & creatives

to come out of entrepreneurial hiding and activate your confidence and overcome fear without spending weeks on end affirming yourself in a mirror.


Discover 3 powerful and introspective affirmations that will help you reset your mindset to fully answer your call in your business.

As a creative person, these affirmations made me see that I shouldn’t be so insecure about my gifts, my talents and myself.

All my gifts and talents are from God …I serve a Confident God…I am Confident with Him! I’ll continue to seek God, perfect my gifts and talents, be confident.

Deborah D'Haiti


Kimberly is someone I look up to because I grew up watching her singing, writing songs, and then launching her own business.

She’s always encouraged me in my own creative writing and dancing. When she gave me these affirmations, I was ready to dive in!

Zena Goodwin


I wasn’t sure what was holding me back in my business, but after I heard about this program, I immediately knew that my disconnect was that I wasn’t serving my higher call through my business..

After my journey in this program, my spirit opened up and so did my business.

Maggie Paurino


So, who am I and why do I know about this confidence thing?

My name is Kimberly.

And I was known to some as an entrepreneurial, creative hermit. Everyone who worked with me or saw my work said I was an amazing website and graphic designer (and so did the awards on my wall), so why couldn’t I believe it?

Because my internal confidence didn’t match my external work and my fear intimidated my desire for success. I needed to change, I wanted to change, but how? I’m a Christian who wholeheartedly believes that having confidence in my God-given skill and annihilating doubt in the talent I’ve been give is key to my business in business. So I wanted to find a way to build my confidence that aligned with my spiritual values. I believed I was called to something more, but so much of my confidence–my inner self-talk–said no.

But that was a lie and I was exhausted from the battle. It was time to win the mindset game.

There had to be a systematic, proven way to tap into my calling and uplift my confidence and demolish my fear.

So I went on a personal journey to figure it out the code of confidence and am now using the same process to help other creative, God-centered entrepreneurs get a confidence upgrade.


You could finally feel at ease with sales conversations and get through discovery calls without having to stand on your head to get yourself hyped-up for the discussion.

You could say no–without a heavy heart–to the clients that don’t align with your life’s calling and knowing how to say yes (and fully serve) clients that align with your life’s calling.

You could clearly say your unique selling points–without fumbling or mumbling–to potential customers and instantly pique their interest in working with you.

A Confidence Upgrade that transforms you so that…

you’ll stop shrinking back on your pricing


stop being so nervous on your sales calls that you keep a paper bag near by for extra oxygen

so that

you’ll be able to scale and grow your business faster and easier in the future


ever second-guess yourself, your creativity, or abilities again

The next time you talk to a client, you can be
mentally and emotionally ready to crush it!

Get your fear-demolishing confidence affirmations today & start winning at the game of confidence.